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* Born when the land was covered with snow and wolves were famished. It was 1677 (perhaps the second number should be upside down, I'm not too sure).

* I'll skip the school days of my primary school. Secondary agricultural school was boring (1991-1995) so I went to secondary textile school which was a fraction better (1995-97) but i didn't want to pursue a career in it.

* I've been interested in making knives since 1997 and since 2000 I've been having regular exhibitions in Pribram, Brno and Prague. I've been living and working in Sovinec since 2002.

* After a number of years of learning I dare say I'm a cutler and blacksmith. The love for steel has been running in my steel family blood for four generations or maybe longer so I have a reason to be doing what I love doing rather than what I've been trained to do at school!

* In 2013 I stopped making tailored knives so customers can choose already made knives without having to wait. This approach provides me with more freedom in my work and drives me to better results.


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Filip HEJKAL Ondruška - Sovinec 4, 793 51, a.p.Břidličná
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