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You have made your way to a personal website of a cutler and blacksmith from Sovince - HEJKALA  (Filip Ondruška).

I would like to use this website to inform everyone who is interested in new things coming out of my cutlery workshop.



You will also learn, among other things, something ABOUT ME and the process of making knives, and how to look after them. (ABOUT KNIVES). But more importantly, in GALLERY, you can check out my ever growing number of photographs of my originally made knives and other small blacksmith goods.



for sale

* updated info on:
facebook.com/Hejkal  site out


* updated info on:
facebook.com/Hejkal  site out




www.tomasholicek.cz  site out
I also cooperate with my colleague and friend Tomas Holicek from smithy Sovinec.

www.knife.cz  site out
Recommended - most frequently visited Czech website on knives - articles, events, etc.

www.victorinoxcz.cz  site out
High quality Swiss pocket and kitchen knives.

www.tesariknoze.cz  site out
A friend and great cutler.

www.grex.cz  site out
Armouring Grex which makes fully functioning armour and its parts.



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Filip HEJKAL Ondruška - Sovinec 4, 793 51, a.p.Břidličná
» filip.ondruska@seznam.cz

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